The Piet le Mensour will return thousands of objects deposited as a pledge by their owner. This graceful return concerns loans not exceeding 100 euros.

Practical and fast credits

Practical and fast credits

My Aunt, this is what is nicknamed the City Hall le Credit de Paris. The establishment is also known for its activity as a pawnshop or rather pawnbroker. In the various municipal credits of France, the French can deposit their object of value to obtain in return a sum of money. It is not uncommon to see people engage jewelry, luxury watches, paintings or even furniture when they are in urgent need of cash. The loaned capital represents up to 60% of the value of the property. The CHP and other municipal credits established in the provinces have qualified personnel able to evaluate the value of the goods offered by individuals at the right price.

This is a form of loan since to recover their property, individuals must pay interest to the City Hall Credit. If, after a certain period of time, the property is not recovered and the debt has not been repaid, the municipal credit can auction the property in order to recover the funds lent. For art lovers, Ma Tante’s auctions are synonymous with quality-tested pieces.

City Hall le Credit celebrates 100 years

Crédit Municipal celebrates 100 years

Recently, City Hall le Credit de Paris has made an announcement that should delight its customers. Indeed, the establishment will make thousands of objects involved. In practice, customers who have pledged assets for loans of less than 100 euros will be able to recover their items free of charge. The interest-free loan of the CHP is part of the celebration of the Centennial of the name “City Hall Credit”. In Paris, nearly 1700 customers are concerned by this graceful restitution.

As a reminder, the City Hall le Credit de Paris exercised, for years, as actor of the repurchase of credit. This bank then offered loan consolidation offers to reduce the debt ratio of individuals. But the insufficient cash and cumulative losses of the CHP forced the agency to stop its credit buyback business